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Final year project ideas for software engineering offering a wide range of software proje.. solutions. We were establish to select the challenging innovative IT projects. It will most useful for students and research scholars.

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Student Projects


On this page, you’ll find a list of all the Semester-/Diploma(Master)Arbeit projects we have open at the moment. This is what we’ve got. What about you? Got an idea for a cool project..? Excellent! We’re always open to ideas from motivated students, so why not email one of the contact people listed below?

If you are interested in some of them, contact the supervisors for more information. Otherwise, browse the remainder of this page fo find the topics that fascinate you.

We have ample opportunities for students who want to explore the domain and learn. Below are some of our projects.


We have a range of projects to be worked on for students interested in the Information Security and Compliance Domain.

  • ISO27001 Implementations for Small and Medium Size Business
  • PCI DSS Implementation
  • GDPR Implementations
  • NIST CSF Implementation
  • CIS TOP 20 Implementation
  • Information Security Awareness Training
  • Simulated Phishing Exercise Solution

Keylogger or Keystroke logger is software that can identify the keystrokes made in a particular system. Out of all the projects based on Cybersecurity, this one is one of the best. It can have surveillance on all the information entered via a keyboard. If you are an experienced coder and good with computers, you can build a keylogger software to get information about every keyboard stroke that takes place.

Moving to an advanced level, you can make a keylogger for Virtual keyboards. This won’t be easy to pursue but will make a fantastic project, fetching you excellent grades. You can also create software that detects if there’s any keylogger present in the system. This might be helpful if someone has installed a keylogger to keep an eye on every move made from the keyboard.

For learners who are interested in Machine Learning Cybersecurity projects, this can be an ideal project to work on**.**

Packet Sniffing

Packet sniffing is one of the most exciting topics to work on, in computer security projects. It is also known as ‘Network Analysis.’. Here, we analyze the internet traffic to keep surveillance on all the outgoing and incoming data packets on a particular network.

If you are pursuing the course from a training institute, you will be allowed to do it. But if you are from a university or college, you will be required to take permission to analyze the network as this is not ethically correct. The projects you can make are –

  • You can build software that detects if there is any packet sniffing in your network.
  • You can build a network analyzer that keeps an eye on all the packets. After analyzing, you can submit a report to your concerned faculties.

There are plenty of tools available to help you do this, for example, Windump, tcpdump, Wireshark, etc. If you are using Linux Kali, then you will already have Wireshark.


Bug Bounties is another one from a variety of Cyber security-related projects. Bug bounties called a “Debugger” is a software tool that helps you find bugs in code. This is a challenging project, but once you make it, you can patent it and sell it to other companies. There are several bug bounties available on the net, so your approach should be the one that decreases time and space complexities. Once you make a successful bug bounty, make a report and submit it as your project. This will help you in getting a better understanding of your course and fetch you excellent grades.


Caesar Cipher is one of the earliest encryption techniques known to humankind. It was used by Julius Caesar to talk to his loyal members without others understanding the message.

Look at the following example:


Here, every letter is replaced with an alphabet that comes to two places after the original one.

You can make software or a web application that can decrypt the Caesar Cipher. This is a perfect project to pursue as a beginner. It will give you confidence in pursuing more challenging projects. You can also go for other Encryption methods like RSA and DHK. This one is a Cybersecurity project for high school students.


SQL Injection is a kind of Cyberattack, where hackers execute SQL commands on the victim’s website. This is done on websites that have very low Cybersecurity. You can turn this into a project as it is one of the first things taught in a Cybersecurity class. You can also make a report on the SQL Vulnerability Assessment and submit as your project.

Keep in mind that it is not legal, hence before testing on any website take prior permission from the owners. Most of the owners will not allow it, hence you might have to create a website, just to test its vulnerability in SQL.

This is one of the advanced Cybersecurity projects in python.


If you are searching for a Cybersecurity project, this one’s for you. Most of us have been in situations where we delete a file accidentally and have no way to retrieve it. And there are also times when you have deleted something, but it is still available on your system. You can create a report to explain “where does the file actually go?”

You can create a report of all the Data Recovery Tools available on the net and can also experiment more on the life cycle of the files.


One of the basic elements of Cybersecurity is a strong password. A strong password is said to be consisting of digits, alphabets, and special symbols. Some Python Cybersecurity projects you can go for are –

  • You can create a software that checks the strength of the password and tells if it is safe to use or not. Using Python, this can be done very easily under this type of Cybersecurity python projects. This is a very easy project to step into the world of Cybersecurity.
  • Another project you can pursue is suggesting a strong password, that is not prone to attacks and cannot be easily guessed.

Radiofrequency identification tags present on credit cards and debit cards are prone to attacks from software that can read them from a certain distance, leading to illegal access to your cards. It is one of the Cybersecurity freelance projects that you can opt for. The project ideas related to RFID are –

  • You can create software that prevents RFID readers from reading your cards. This process can be done by masking the tags.
  • You can also build an application that detects if any reader is accessing your cards.

If you plan to pick one of the hassle-free mini projects on Cybersecurity, this one fits your requirement. This survey project expects you to collect information and accordingly examine if a website’s security questions are secure. Collect data from people if they use different passwords for different accounts and what are typically asked security questions.

Now go online and search if hackers can get the answers to these questions through victims’ social media activities. Make a report and submit it.


Collect information on the number of ways that an intruder can illegally access a device illegally that is not connected to the internet. The report can contain the methods to secure their devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. It will make an outstanding contribution to the list of Cybersecurity mini-projects.

These are ten exciting and easy Cybersecurity projects that you can pursue in your class. It will provide you with a better understanding of your course and also look good on your resume. Do you want to learn more about Cybersecurity? Jigsaw Academy’s Master Certificate in Cyber Security (Red Team) is the course you’ve been looking for!

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