SOC Secure Operation Center

We have an advanced, equipped and dedicated SOC Secure Operation Center establishment, which runs 24X7X365 days to ensure maximum protection against security threats targeting our customers or us.

  • We are one of the best SOC Secure Operation Center service provider.In this we monitor clients infrastructure and ensure that it stays secure.For this we follow Industry standard guidelines and frameworks for all our security solution implementations and assessments.
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Security Monitoring (SOC Secure Operation Center):
  • Monitoring of security events is very critical for proactive Organizations. By providing this service we mitigate the risk of any major catastrophic security breach or the failure of any security components in the network.
  • Monitoring systems provide alerts based on various behavioral patterns. But it is very important to have an expert look at those events to verify if it is an indication of the security risk, analyze the impact for the customer business and provide recommendation and apply the fix for the event.
  • Security Operations focuses device monitoring (SOC Secure Operation Center) and fixing of devices like PIXASAIDSIPS, spam filters and event co-relation tool. Each alert is analyzed and appropriate actions taken based on the Security Incident management Process.
Security Device Management:
  • Proper management of the security devices is very essential for business. With the pace of change in technology and enhancement in codes, it is very difficult for most of the organization to have their Security team to keep pace with the changes and develop skills to manage them. Our Security trained professionals are focused on these security platforms and continuously trained on all new upcoming technologies and devices from various vendors.
  • Security Device Management focuses on Deployment planning, Configuration, Implementation and, log Analysis Device Health Checks and regular management activities are carried out on the Security Devices which includes firewalls, IPSIDS, Anti-virus and Anti spamware.
Management of Technologies:
  • Firewall Services
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention Services
  • VPN
  • Email & Web Security
  • User – End Devices Security
Network Based Security :
Network Firewall:
  • Managed Firewall Services offer an integrated system of hardware and software that controls access to your network and defends it with a secure perimeter. The services offer application-level segregation of network traffic with on-going monitoring and management. In addition, we provide monthly reports for the customers with the elements mentioned below.
Firewall Summary Report:
  • Total Denied Packets
  • Top Denied Source Addresses
  • Top Denied Destination Addresses
  • Top Denied Protocols
  • Top Denies by Access Control Policy
Network Intrusion Detection & Prevention Services:
  • We Manage Intrusion Prevention & Detection Services and mitigate a wide range of malicious traffic and attacks to protect the network and sensitive data. We do continuous proactive monitoring with real-time traffic analysis and constantly update the threat signatures. In addition we offer end-to-end implementation, management and customize the signatures & filtering policies also we provide monthly reports for the customers with the elements mentioned below.
Intrusion Prevention Blocked Attack Reports:
  • Top Blocked Attacks by Signature
  • Top Blocked Attacks by Sensor
  • Top Source Blocked Attacks
  • Top Destination Blocked Attacks
  • IPS Signature Categories
Intrusion Prevention Summary Reports:
  • Top Fired Signatures/Signature Severity
  • Top Attacker Source
  • Top Attacked Destinations
  • Signature Severity Summary by Sensor
  • Top Fired Signatures Severity
Virtual Private Networks (VPN):
  • Managing VPN makes sure that the tunnels are up and active, it helps that remote offices and remote clients do not lose the connectivity with the head office. We configure and make changes to the VPNs as per customer requirements, also troubleshoot and provide support for IPSec Site-to-Site VPN, Remote Client VPN and SSL VPNs.
E-Mail & Web Security:
  • Ironport and Content Security Control (CSC) modules are the two devices use to monitor E-Mail and Web traffic. It protects from spam, viruses, and blended threats and prevents data leaks, enforces compliance, and protects reputation. It also provides antispam, antivirus, data loss prevention (DLP), and encryption in cloud.
User-End Devices (Host Based) Security:
  • Managing User-end devices helps to secure desktops, laptops and servers against viruses, malware, spyware and unauthorized access to end points. We manage end points devices and address the security need by offering a complete range of protection features managed by a single management platform. The services constitute cleaning or containing virus infections and outbreaks, quarantining or removing spyware and preventing unauthorized access on endpoints.
Off-Shore – Tasks & Capabilities:
  • Provide remote administration of various Cisco Security Products like PIXASAIPS/IDSMARSCSAIronportCSC SSMACS, ensuring changes met best security practices and would not conflict with current operations.
  • Produce monthly reports for customers showing ticket volume, system status, historical reports, and service level benchmarking.
  • Go through the Security Advisories and recommend to the customer, work on the devices affected by the advisories and do the necessary changes to protect it.
  • Analyze IPS/IDS alerts, providing assistance in false positive validation and tune out the false positive alerts.
  • Once the new IPS signature has been released, notify the customer within 24 hours and apply signature updates within 72 hours.
  • Troubleshooting CSA MC, creating rules and application Classes as Per Customer requirements.
  • Troubleshooting WLC and Access Points issues.
  • Troubleshooting L3 and L2 escalated Incident tickets.
  • Analyzing IPS/IDS data for 25 separate customers providing assistance in false positive validation and advice on remediation strategies to reduce or eliminate attacks.
  • Consulting with customers to recommend security design and implementation of security solutions that provide high availability and ensures business continuity.
  • Provide monthly vulnerability assessments of customer devices and recommends vendor patches or application changes to correct discrepancies and implement those changes for customers as needed.
  • Generating Monthly reports for IPS/IDSMARS & Ironport devices and post it in the Knowledge Base portal for all customers.
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