Application Security Auditing

Application Security Auditing is one of the important things for the organization. It is the face of an organization. The web application has become the enterprise’s new security perimeter. This is clear when it comes to web application security and web application testing. Web applications must be available 24/7 and offer data access to customers, employees, suppliers, and others. Very frequently Applications are the weak link in enterprise security. The reason for the weaknesses is misconceptions like using SSL and firewall is enough to make an application secure. In fact, attackers use this SSL to get into their web applications. When hackers gain access to web applications, they often have direct access to confidential back-end data on customers and the company.

Our experts(auditors) have many years of experience. They can review the web app design, code, and features of applications. They verify the applications from a safety(security) perspective through a variety of platforms such as ASP, Java, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, PHP, C++, etc. Also, we have carried out a variety of mobile app protection assessments across Android, iOS platforms.

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Application Security Testing Approach

Our Web Application Security Audit services are the best. It will grant a whole view of how the enterprise is being exposed to positive risks, due to application vulnerabilities. Application protection audit is carried out with the assistance of custom scripts and automated scanners. We know automated tools aren’t enough so, it is accompanied by manual protection checking out in opposition to the application. The 80/20 rule is accompanied while performing the testing Safety testing. Preliminary testing is accomplished by means of automatic tools, and 80% of the security checking out is carried out manually. Manual testing helps us in discovering all types of technical and logical vulnerabilities. Logical vulnerabilities are usually ignored by computerized utility safety scanners. MdIT’s strategy towards Web Application Security auditing is as follows:

Information Gathering---> Application Footprinting--> Identifying Vulnerabilities--> Building Test Cases --> Vulnerability Validation--> Exploiting--> Vulnerabilities Recommendations--> Reporting

An application security audit is an intensive, technical, unprivileged, and privileged security test of an application and its associated components. It is done with a high percentage of manual testing and verification. Both unprivileged and privileged tests will be carried out i.e. from the perspective of an outsider and insider.

Application Security Auditing