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Table of Content Log4jShell What is log4j What is LDAP and JNDI LDAP and JNDI Chemistry Log4j JNDI lookup Normal Log4j scenario Exploit Log4j scenario Pentest Lab Setup Exploiting Log4j (CVE-2021-44228) Mitigation Log4jshell CVE-2021-44228 Description: Apache Log4j2 2.0-beta9 through 2.12.1 and 2.13.0 through 2.15.0 JNDI features used in the configuration, log messages, and parameters do not […]

Report cyber crime in india

Good news now in india if you have fallen prey to cyber crime then you can report it directly and your concern will be heard and action will be taken as its directly seen by Cyber Cops… You can report cyber crime in for any of these ATM card fraud reporting ¬†Bank Fraud ¬†Examination Racket […]